Tancook Whaler by Shelley Mitchell

24 x 360 o/c  $2400

Before Boat Sheds Became Boat Houses

24 x18  o/c  $


Looking Back at the Front Harbour

by Poppy Balser 7 x 11 w/c  $390

Front Harbour Afternoon 2017

by Poppy Balser 7 x 11 w/c  $390

Cleveland House by Julie Walker

12 x 16  o/c  $350

The Woven Fabric of the Country

and all across this land

by Beverley McInnes

Rust assemblage with found objects     $250

13 x 21 cm


Woven gel medium images and distressed copper ribbon all mounted on a wooden found object engine mold.  The rusted metal  covering is applied and allows the viewer to see down and into the woven images underneath. A twisted ladder of rust is affixed depicting Canada’s railway.

This small hanging piece has the feel of the country from east to west, a woven mosaic/fabric of Canadians joined together…..united. The railway plays a part also and always has.

Little Fish circa 1900

by Rosi Robinson

Batik on cotton 17.5 x 11.5


Chester Yacht Club  circa 1925

   by Rosi Robinson

Batik on cotton   16 x 20


Paddy the Postman

by Rosi Robinson

Batik on cotton 11 x 7


Bayview Hotel, Chester Basin

by Zehava Power 10 x 8  a/c  $285

Hennigar’s Boatyard…Chester Basin

by Malcolm Callaway

o/b   18 x 12       $ 975


Entering Chester circa 1860

by Bunch Fraser

Pen & Ink with Watercolour on art board

4 x 6”    $150 each

Tancook Schooner

by Shelley Mitchell

o/c 30 x 24  $2200