Brianne Williams is a Nova Scotian visual artist who paints realistic scenes involving the ocean. Her work has developed out of many summers on the South Shore. Raised in the Annapolis Valley, Williams moved to Halifax for her education at NSCAD University, focusing on painting and drawing. Her paintings employ imagery of Nova Scotia's oceanfront communities and explores the distorted reflections and colours cast by their environment onto the water's surface. She paints to capture a moment in time that may provide one with inspiration and enchantment.

Woman in Water - Artist's Self Portrait

o/c 30 x 40  $1950

Emergency Oar   o/c 30 x 30  $2400


Serene Sunset

o/c 30 x 40  $1950

Pail Mackerel

o/c 20 x 20  $1650

Brook Trout

o/c 24 x 18   $1800

Fixed with Fenders

o/c 15 x 30  $1950

Tied up in Hall's Harbour

o/c 40 x 30  $3000

Tethered in New Harbour

o/c 40 x 30  $2550