Shoreline Study

a/c  12 x 12's  $380

Shoreline Study

a/c  20 x 20  $750

Carole Malcolm


Shoreline Study

a/c  12 x 24  $675

Carole's work on canvas has evolved out of a continued interest in the natural landscape. She painted for years as a watercolourist before discovering liquid acrylics. The transition from watercolour to acrylic was seamless since many of the same techniques apply.

Having recently added a palatte knife to her toolbox for added texture, her work has evolved from aspiring to create realism toward focusing on a more romantic construction of simple elements. She enjoys working where not every step is planned and controlled, exploring the impression of landscape, while inviting the viewer to share a pause in everyday things and the memories that it triggers in their own selves.

Carole Malcolm grew up in the maritimes and now resides in Oxford Station, Ontario.

Shoreline Study

a/c  24 x 48 $1750