Kathy Brown is a watercolour painter who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the Atlantic Ocean. For years she sailed the Atlantic coast as a crew member and navigator. In 1989 she began to paint watercolour landscapes about the sky and the weather. Later, her sailing experience became her subject matter and her paintings began to be about sailing, the coast, storms and passage making.

"Sailing on a small boat gives an unusual way of looking at the landscape. I see large skies, narrow bands of land, and colours affected by the watery atmosphere. As navigator, I tried to keep an image of the chart in my head, especially in thick weather: As a result, I often use nautical charts, or painted interpretations of them in my works. In addition, I paint waves and weather in an intuitive manner. As time went on my subjects expanded to include the coast and the many lighthouses found on Nova Scotia's shores.

Battery Point Lighthouse c. 1937

w/c 9 x 9  $400

Opti Prams Sailing

w/c 3.5 x 13.5  SOLD