Malcolm Callaway lives in Chester, Nova Scotia. He has exhibited at Amicus Gallery since 1998. Some of his artwork is devoted to landscape/seascape figurative in a realist vein, other work has been variously described as jokester, transcendent and oft times disturbing.

                                             Visit www.malcolmcallaway.ca.

Keep Your Dragon Dry

o/c 30 x 24  SOLD

Spring Thaw Cape Breton

o/c 12 x 24  $1500

Neap Tide

a/c 16 x 16  $750

Ebb Tide

a/c 16 x 16  $750

Indian Point

o/c 16 x 16  $850


o/c 36 x 40 $4750

Morning Heron

o/c 22 x 28  SOLD

Spooky Truck

o/b 23 x 23  $1750


fresco & o/c 20 x 20  $1500


Early Morning, Wheatley River

o/b  16 x 20  $1750

To the Finish Line  

o/c   24 x 32   $3750

"Novinki, Madonna"  

o/c   36 x 30

Painting Lottery for Ukraine

90% of all donations are split between -

UNHCR, Save the Children’s Ukraine work and the Red Cross’ Ukraine work.

Each donation of a minimum of $25 gives you one chance to win this painting.

E-transfer your money to: Malcolm.callaway@gmail.com

Security answer: Ukraine

“This piece was first done many years ago after Chernobyl went down. A photograph of this young girl who was living in the orphanage for survivors really touched me. Her look of despair, her misshapen head - the misery of one individual speaking for many. I later tackled it again and added the butterflies for hope. Given the climate in the Ukraine I thought it time to raise money from the sale of it.” - Malcolm Callaway

Water Nymphs

o/c 20 x 16  $1250

Dory Man

o/b 18 x 24  $1750

Lily Pond

o/b 22 x 25  $2750

Beach Scene, Fall

o/c 18 x 36  $3500

Rehearsal Hall

o/c 15 x 30  $1250