Chester Back Harbour

o/c 22 x 28  $1750

Coast View

o/c 18 x 24  $1750

Michael Flynn  lives in the village of Chester on Nova Scotia's South Shore and for many years was the featured editorial page artist for the Ottawa Journal newspaper.

Flynn works primarily in oils but has used various mediums determined by subject, which would include egg tempera, water colour and dry brush.

Although an accomplished portrait, land and seascape painter, his love of the outdoors will often find him exploring places less travelled with his portable painting kit ready to be set up at a moments notice for an on-the-spot oil sketch.

"While it is satisfying to have some little quiet time to express directly in paint one's feeling for a particular scene that has captured the attention, it is indeed also quite humbling".

Michael Flynn

Snow Laden

o/b 10 x 8  $575

Stillwater Flow

o/b 8 x 10  $575

Spring Shower

o/b 8 x 10  $575


o/b 7 x 9  $425

Stanford Lake

o/b 8 x 10  $575

Late Summer, Falls Lake

o/b 8 x 10  $575

Autumn Canoe Lake

o/b 8 x 10  $575