Catching the Wind

Batik on Cotton 12 x 14.5  $ 975

Rosi Robinson

Batik has been Rosi’s passion since her early twenties. She has travelled, lectured and exhibited her batik paintings throughout the world, including China, Japan, Indonesia, USA, UK. Europe and of course here in Nova Scotia.

Rosi has pushed the technique of batik - traditionally a Far Eastern technique of decorating fabric - in her own personal and figurative way. Inspired by her travels, Rosi applies hot wax onto cotton fabric to resist layers of colorful dyes working from light to dark. Rosi’s pictures are often mistaken for watercolor paintings but are more intense in color and are unique in quality. www.rosirobinson.com


Batik on Cotton 12 x 15  $ 1275

Bartlett Boathouse

Batik on Cotton 23 x 16  $2450

Chester Yacht Club circa 1925

Batik on Cotton 16 x 20  $1150

Paddy the Postman

Batik on Cotton 11 x 7  $950