A lovely selection of works by local stone craftsmen, father and son team, Bill and Donald Gimby of St. Margarets Bay.

Inspired by our surrounding shoreline and the natural setting we live in, we work with found materials to create unique home decor. One of a kind items, carefully selected from the beaches of Atlantic Canada and crafted to emphasize its essential beauty. For close to 20 years we have been searching for colourful granites in Cape Breton, contorted gneiss in Newfoundland, smooth greywacke in South Shore, Nova Scoita, silver driftwood on the Bay of Fundy and pebbled granite in New Brunswick.

Featured in the gallery, are the Lichens on Rocks collection. The amazing combination of lichen on these beach rocks are 30 to 50 years old. It is non-toxic and cannot be removed easily and will keep its colour for a long time. Lichens, pronounced "li-kens", have become an indicator of the effects of air pollutions. It's abundance in a locality is an indication of unpolluted atmosphere.

Lichen Lamp

h 21.5"


Lichen hurricane lantern

h 9"


Lichen Vase

h 10"