Paula MacDonald Pottery

"I studied art at Marietta College, Marietta Ohio, and the Museum of Fine Art School in Boston. I studied Art History at Boston University and University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM. I learned my pottery skills through an apprenticeship with Goose Rocks Pottery with Bob and Lou Lipkin in Kennebunkport, Maine and from the many potters who have shared information over the years. I have worked making pottery since 1982.

I moved to Nova Scotia in 1988. Chester is the home of my parents. I live beside my great grandmother’s house here in Chester.

My pottery is made using either Porcelain or Stoneware clay. It is fired in a propane fired kiln to 2350 degrees F. The  pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe. All glazes are lead free.

Porcelain is a white dense clay that is bright in finish and is a great surface for hand painting.


Stoneware is a brown clay the finished product will be more earthy looking than porcelain and has a characteristic speckling."

Batik of the Potter at the wheel, by Rosie Robinson.

Porcelain Tenmoku Pitcher

H9.5"  $125

Porcelain Tenmoku

Serving Bowl 10"dia, 2.75"h $95

Bowls 6-6.5"dia, 2.5"h $45 each

Porcelain Handpainted Chickadee

Mugs  SOLD

Vase  $85

(Paul Clarke handcarved/painted birds)

Earthenware Handpainted Lamps

Large 12"h  $240

Small 9"h  $160

Porcelain Bowl

12"dia x 5"h  $115

Porcelain Teal/Yellow Pieces

Sculpted edge bowl 5.5"dia  $36 - 1 left

Utensil holder 5.5"dia, 7"h  $95

Small vase 3"dia, 4"h  SOLD

Juicer 5.5"dia  SOLD

Mugs 5"h  SOLD

Small bowls 5.5"dia  $40 each

Porcelain Handpainted

Hummingbird Platter

21 x 13"  $275

Porcelain Handpainted Heron

Rect. Platter 16"w  $95

Square Plate 8.5"w  SOLD

Mugs 5,5"h  $45 each

Carved Porcelain

Celadon Iris Vase

10"h  $110

Porcelain Vase

6"h  $95

Porcelain Sea Life Collection (see below)

Birch Tree Mugs 5"h $48 SOLD

Porcelain Sea Life Collection

Blue Lamp  12"h  $195 (2nd)

Oval Platters 15/14/10"w  $85sold/65sold/52sold

Vase 8"h  SOLD

Mugs 3.5(sold)-5"h  $40

Bowls 6"dia  $38

Spoon Rest  SOLD

Soup Tureen 10"dia, 7"h  $165

Ladle  $35

Porcelain Handpainted

Large Iris Teapot 9"h  SOLD

Small Iris Teapot 4.5"h  $95

Monarch Butterfly Mugs 4.5"h  SOLD

Hummingbird Platter 21 x 13"  $275

(Paul Clarke handcarved/painted birds)

Porcelain Sink

12.5"dia x 5.5"h  $375

Wine Cups

3"h  $28 each

Porcelain Copper Reds

Oval Platter 16.5"w  $225

Serving Bowl 13"dia  $175

Plate 11.5"dia  SOLD

Teacup & Saucer 4"h & 6"dia  $62

Striped Teapot 5.5"h  $135

Striped Mugs 5"h  $42 each (one sold)

Urn 10"h  $175

Condiment Bowls 5"dia, 2.5"h  $38 each

Utensil Holder/Planter 7"dia, 5.5"h  $52

Porcelain Sunset Collection

Serving Bowl (right) 12"dia, 3.5"h  $115

Serving Bowl 11"dia, 3"h  SOLD

Narrow Platter 14.5"x 7.5  SOLD

Oval Platter 15.5"x 11.5  $165

Vase 8.5"h $75

Porcelain Copper Reds/Celadon

Snail Trail Platter 13.5"dia  $175

Snail Trail Teapot 5.5"h  $135

Mugs 5.5"h  SOLD

Red vase 5"h  $120

Curved Edge Bowl 5"dia  $36 (top one sold)

Curved Edge Bowl 8"dia  $95

Snail Trail Candle holders 4.5"sold/6"h  $28


Sea Life Lamp

7.5"h  $190

Porcelain "Snail Trail" Bowl

14"dia x 3.75"h  $165

Porcelain Vase

H8.25"  $85

Porcelain Vase

H11.75"  $175

Porcelain brown/teal

Mugs 5/5.75"h  $40each/48sold

Juicer 5.5"dia  $42

Ramekins 4"dia, 2.5"h $28 each

Porcelain Lamp brown/teal

8.5"h  $190

Porcelain Fish Platter

16 x 10"  $165